What do Arsenal Need to Become a Serious Top-4 Team?

Arsenal has been going through a redemption arc over the past couple of years. The team has been in better form than the previous five years would suggest. Slowly and steadily, they’ve climbed the Premier League table, landing amongst the top four teams for the chance at their fourth win since the days of being part of the Top 4 in the early ’00s.

It’s a long way to come, but it still brings about the idea of an underdog that is getting lucky. The team is still considered a contender rather than taking its solid place within the Top 4. So, what needs to be done to make that happen? What is the final push to make Arsenal a Top 4 team? We’re breaking it down here.

They need to win the Champions League

The main issue facing Arsenal’s reputation is of course the elephant in the room: the lack of a Champions League trophy. To be considered a Top 4 team, Arsenal has to secure that goal.

They’ve broken records coming close in the past. They were the first London team to appear in a UEFA Champions League final in 2006, but that was a lifetime ago. Back in the glorious days when Arsenal made up the Top 4. There were a lot of manager shifts and a whole team ago, and Arsenal seem to be struggling to even get to a final anymore.

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A promising manager

Arsenal at least has one thing nailed down: its manager, Mikel Arteta has been well praised for his work on the team since his admission in 2019. Fans, commentators, and especially his own players have praised his work. The latest praise comes from Gabriel Martinelli, who outlined his ability to think of modern football in particular and predicted a “long” and “glittering” career.

And the proof is in the pudding. Arsenal have reached fourth place on the Premier League table, placing them amongst the likes of Man City, Liverpool, and Chelsea, and putting them ahead of Tottenham Hotspur and Man Utd.
So, the formula is working; they just need a final push to have them considered a Top 4 team rather than the plucky underdog who will be back down the table next season.

Invest in transfers

Arsenal is one of the top ten richest clubs globally, so it only makes sense that they invest wisely, and get some quality players. The previous experience and history of skill combined with Arteta’s proven coaching style should theoretically create the dream team that can solidify Arsenal’s place in the Top 4.

But who could they afford? Well, rumour has it that Arsenal has made a bolt prompt to Marcus Rashford, of all people. The Man Utd player has been suffering from an injury, abuse from “fans” and little time on the field, unable to prove what he’s worth in the past season and is considering his place with the team that raised him. But he’s also got a lot of other offers to consider. Will he take up Arteta’s offer?

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