Tips For A First Visit To The Emirates Stadium

Emirates Stadium

For a lot of people who travel to England and enjoy sports, a Premier League match is at the top of the list. Not only does the EPL offer some of the highest quality domestic league football in the world, but the passion of the English fan bases is legendary. These factors, combined with a lot of historic venues in wonderful cities, make a visit to a Premier League match as much a cultural experience as a sporting occasion. As you may know if you’re reading on a site like this, Arsenal has one of the more famous stadiums in English football. The Emirates, or Emirates Stadium, lacks some of the history and tradition of other famous grounds, but having been

Between The Last Time Arsenal Won A Trophy And Now

On many occasions with my friends, we talk about soccer. Most of the time, it’s about comparing the teams we support and criticizing whatever teams are involved. In all of this, one club always comes up. Arsenal. Arsenal is a special football club. Apart from Liverpool, the club happens to be my second best team in The English League. No one should take offense in what they’re about to read. It’s all truth so all forms of pain and anger should be kept to self. I said Arsenal is a special club because in the past 9-10 years, they haven’t lifted an important trophy and that’s disappointing for a club of their reputation. By general football standards, they’re a top

Who Will be Arsenal’s Next Star Striker?

1. Karim Benzema The French powerhouse had a great World Cup scoring 5 goals for Les Bleus, something he’s not used to doing. He is a real top quality player that doesn’t get the plaudits he should as he plays in a team of world stars – or Galactico’s. With the likes of Ronaldo and Bale in attack, he will always be overlooked. 72 goals in 159 games is a good record but perhaps a little low for the Spanish league though is still better than Olivier Giroud’s record. He would be a good signing for Arsenal and I would like to see him in the Prem! 2. Danny Welbeck The were rumours about the young United player a few weeks ago being a

Where Do Dutch Players Come From?

Following the Netherland’s straight out whoopin’ of Spain (5-1), my friend and fellow coach, Bri O’Dowd texted me, “It would be interesting to know how many of the Dutch players are products of Ajax Academy.” Well Bri, I looked up twenty of their National Team players and what youth academy they played for. The results are interesting, and some players were at multiple academies, or at a specific academy for a very short time. With that said, it’s difficult to say if a player was “brought up in” or a “product of” a certain academy. For example, Velman joined Ajax one year before signing with their first team. I imagine most of his youth development took place elsewhere, but technically

Follow Your Team On Holiday – Arsenal

Many die-hard football fans wouldn’t dream of going on holiday, or even travelling during the premier league season in fear of missing a game. In this series of articles I will show you some of the destinations you can visit with each team. This article will look at how Arsenal fans can watch their team while on holiday, each article in the series will focus on a different premier league club. So you are an Arsenal fan that attends games regularly, but you need a holiday to clear your mind, or you want to take your husband/wife away somewhere to celebrate your anniversary. There is an option available for you to have your holiday and still not miss a live game.